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Sridevi was worried after Janhvi Kapoor decided to become an actor, Boney Kapoor reveals the reason. Watch

Janhvi Kapoor is winning accolades for her performance in her latest release Mili. The actor was seen promoting the film on The Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday, along with father Boney Kapoor. While the episode had Kapil making the most jokes, it was endearing to see the bond Janhvi shares with her father.

During the course of the show, Boney Kapoor shared how he feels daughter grow up very fast. Giving example of his elder daughter Anshula, he shared that she grew as tall as him, one day suddenly. On the other hand, Khushi, who he lovingly called Coochie, is all set to make her debut soon.

As for Janhvi, he spoke about how when she told her parents that she wanted to become an actor, Sridevi was very worried. He shared that Janhvi was very attached to her late mother, and would need her every morning, and even while sleeping. “Janhvi also wanted to go to LA to learn acting, and that worried my wife a lot. She was worried about how she will survive alone. I advised that every kid needs to someday grow independent, and this was her time,” he told in Hindi.

As Janhvi joked that while she did well alone, she did not learn anything. Boney Kapoor then went on to share details about how she still does not keep her room clean or even put the cap on her toothpaste. He added that he’s thankful though that she flushes the toilet herself. As Janhvi cried out in disgust, Boney went on to share details about his younger brother Anil Kapoor. He shared that they would know Anil was in the bathroom as he would either forget to put the geyser off or not flush the toilet.

As Kapil Sharma later congratulated Janhvi Kapoor for her success, she complained to him about how he never gave her dates earlier. She said that every time her film releases, she first decides on her outfit for The Kapil Sharma Show. However, he never gave her the opportunity to be on the show earlier.

Kapil Sharma will also talk about his bond with Boney Kapoor, as he made his acting debut with his film It’s My Life. He added that he’s quite an indulgent producer as Kapil managed to spend a lot of time in Bangkok, even after he had wrapped up his shoot. He then quizzed the filmmaker why he took so long to produce a film for Janhvi.

“Arjun and Janvhi dono ko pehle bahar kaam karne ka mauka diya maine (I gave a chance to both Janhvi and Arjun to work in others’ productions first). I told them once they are trained well, I will take them,” he said, as Janhvi shot back that he didn’t want to take any risk. Defending himself, Boney Kapoor said that he sometimes feels that he puts in extra money and effort when working with friends and family, and that backfires for him. Hence he wanted to be sure before taking them for a film.

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