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Santosh Varki opened up about his love for Nikhila…When he saw Nikhila in person, he asked her if she agreed to marry him – Santosh Varki said that they are not that poor.

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Nikhila Vimal is an actress who made her debut in Malayalam cinema with the movie “Bhagyadevata” born from the collaboration of Sathyan Anthikad and Jayaram. Later, Nikhila gained attention with Dileep’s “Love 24/7” and Vineeth Srinivasan’s “Aravindan’s Guests”. The actor got many opportunities with his excellent performance in the movie “Aurobindo’s Guests”.

The actor has starred in many films like “Oru Yamandan Premakatha”, “Ancham Pathira”, “The Priest”. Now Santosh Varki is sharing his experience when he spoke to Ethanikhila. Santhosh Varki is a social media star who went viral with his review of Mohanlal starrer “Aarat”. After the review said that “Mohanlal is singing” in the film, it was Santosh Varki who was all over the social media.

His trolls, stickers and interviews have all become popular on social media. Later, he came to the scene by giving reviews in the films of other stars as well. Meanwhile, he revealed that he likes Nithya Menon as much as he likes Mohanlal. He said he wanted to get married. Now what Santhosh Varki says about actress Nikhila Vimal is noteworthy.

Santosh Varki reveals that he has a crush on Nikhila Vimal. He clarifies that he has openly told Nikhila about this. When I first saw Nikhila, I thought she was a poor child. But when we talked, he realized that nothing is so poor. Nikhila herself has said in interviews that I am not poor at all.

Santhosh Varki, who initially had a crush on Nikhila, still has a crush on Nikhila. He says he likes Nikhila’s acting. Santosh Varki, who is open about his love for Nikhila, also says that he does not like some things about the star. Once in an interview, Nikhila talked about why she doesn’t ask Mammootty about the experience of acting with Mammootty, but asks us what the experience of acting with Mammootty is.

But Santosh Varki says that such things should never be said and they are senior stars. Once he asked Nikhila if she was interested in falling in love with him. He says that the actor replied no. When asked about marriage, he said that he was not interested. Santosh Varki added that there is no need for any other news about this.

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