Rakhi Sawant hits back at ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani

Rakhi Sawant is making headlines once again for her spat with her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani. Adil Khan was arrested after the actress made various allegations against him. He held a press conference after being released from jail and accused Rakhi on many counts. Now, Rakhi Sawant has broken her silence over the allegations in a long conversation with Pinkvilla.

Rakhi Sawant shared in the interview, “I filed a case against him in Mumbai. He cheated on me, abused me in every possible way, and raped me after consuming Viagra. Also, he had many affairs with many girls. I don`t want to take the name of any girls right now. I don`t want to give them publicity and make them stars. But yesterday, he made so many allegations against me; that`s why I`m here; otherwise, I was not interested in talking about him,” stated Rakhi Sawant.

The popular television personality also discussed Adil`s arrest, revealing that he was imprisoned because of his ex-girlfriend, an Iranian girl. Rakhi revealed that the girl is a student with whom Adil had a 5-year relationship. He used to shoot vulgar videos of her, which she reported to the police.

Rakhi further questioned Adil’s claim that she had given money to the Iranian girl and said, “He was saying that I paid Rs. 3 lakhs to that girl to file a rape case against him. Can any girl file a rape case because I paid 3 lakhs without any evidence? Will the police imprison him with an evidence video? It won`t happen, even if you spent crores for that,” she concluded.

Rakhi Sawant recalls receiving a message from Adil shortly after he was freed from jail during the chat. He had written an Instagram message to the actress asking for his clothes and car back.

Adil is also accused by Rakhi Sawant of selling her naked footage. She revealed, “I want to show it to people, but main logo ko nahi dikha paa rahi.” She said that her nude videos got more than 47 lakh views on his social media account.

Rakhi further added, “I am in the bathroom, and he`s shooting from… can you see? Aise bohot saare videos mera full-body nude dikh rahe hai. I was quiet. I was his wife, and he was raping me in the house.” When asked why she tolerated all of this, the actress shared, “Videos viral ho jayenga na fir kya karu main. Zaher kha jau, suicide kar lu, kaha jau? Pure duniya mere nude video dekhne ke baad kaha jaun?How do I show my face to the world? Mai normal ladki nahi hu, India ki celebrity hu, ek brand hu. Within one year, mera talaq kar diya usne.”

Meanwhile, Adil stated during a press conference on August 21 that he will take legal action against Rakhi Sawant. He also stated that he will do many other things without telling the media since he does not want a media trial.