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Prosecutor steps down as minor rape survivor complains of threat

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A minor survivor of a series of rapes undergoing trial in one of the cases at the POCSO court here was reported to have been threatened by the Prosecutor.

The girl cried in court and, during an in-camera hearing by the judge, was learned to have pleaded for replacement of the prosecutor.

The survivor’s legal counselor has complained to the District Judge, the Juvenile Justice Board committee, the Child Welfare Committee, and the District Child Protection Officer against the Prosecutor, Subramanian Nooreni.

Soon after the girl’s pleading for the Prosecutor’s replacement, Mr. Subramanian tendered his submission before the POCSO court here that he wanted to withdraw from the case as the accused had been known to him.

The girl reportedly broke down in the court saying that she had been coerced to say what the prosecutor taught her about the case. The girl and her supporting person were reportedly summoned by the Prosecutor on November 16, a holiday for Palakkad courts owing to Kalpathy Ratholsavam.

Although Mr. Subramanian withdrew from the case claiming his affinity to the survivor, it is learned that he had “given up” one of the key witnesses in the case. The dropping of the hostel warden, who had been one of the first persons to have dealt with the survivor when she was abused in 2018, was suspected to have been a move to destabilize the case.

When the case came up for hearing before the POCSO judge on November 17, the prosecutor first told the court that the survivor and her mother were not ready and that they needed more time. However, when the judge insisted, the girl and her mother told him that they were ready and that they wanted the trial to be finished as early as possible. Soon came the prosecutor’s withdrawal from the case.

The survivor is learned to have been undergoing many ordeals since she was raped first in 2018. After the first POCSO case in 2018, two more cases were filed in 2019, and 14 other cases were filed a couple of months ago.

The Child Welfare Committee and the District Child Protection Unit were criticized for leaving the girl back to her vulnerable circumstances leading to a series of rapes during COVID-19 period. Those working for child rights point out that the authorities, particularly the CWC, were responsible for pushing the girl back to persistent abuse, which eventually led to filing of 14 POCSO cases involving perpetrators from across the State.

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