Pathaan Images and Trailers (Updated)

Everyone wants their 2 mins fame. By opposing a well received teaser proves the point. As far taking break and returning with a proper commercial venture, mind you this was decided before pandemic and they shot this movie all through pandemic from 2020 to completed early 2022. The movie could have released this year if not for YRF’s huge backlog delayed co, of pandemic. Srk has moved onto other movies. Besides SRK doing an action movie makes it unique, it doesn’t matter every tom, dick harry has done an action movie. It’s Srk’s dream to do action movies and he keeps repeating on every interview but he says he don’t get much offers. Yes, if there are comparisons with WAR, it’s obvious and they want to make them part of same world and made by same team.

Also, gone is the old mentality of copying Hollywood movies to make Indian movies. They are directly hiring same action directors and making them deliver in Bollywood. For example 2 foreign action directors in Pathaan are Top Gum Maverick, Avengers End game, Ant-man Wasp, etc. Anyways, as I said they need to find something to dislike SRK. That time has gone..I wish Srk does something like Swades and meaningful, Lol. He’s going to commercial movies for next 5 years. You can ignore and be content with other stars. SRK has no interest to become Akshay kumar at this stage of his career. Na ghar ka na ghat ka…


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