Monday Motivation: Mammootty`s secret of staying fit at 72

Mammootty is one of the biggest movie star of India. The actor is best known for his work in Malayalam cinema. In a career spanning over five decades, Mammootty has entertained the audience with a variety of roles in different genres and still impresses the audience with his performance. It is not just his performances that has left his admirers in awe. The 71-year-old who will soon turn 72 is also known for keeping himself fit and his youthful looks have been a topic of discussion quite often. 

Every now and then, Mammootty posts pictures from his photoshoots on social media boasting his youthful looks and most want to know how he maintains himself even at his age. In an interview in 2020, Mammootty`s personal chef Lanesh revealed that the megastar`s food habits are itself the secret behind his glamour. 

“Mammukka’s breakfast is Oats gruel plus pieces of Pappaya, egg white and ten badams kept soaked the previous day. For lunch, he doesn’t eat rice. Half puttu made of oats powder is the main food. Fish curry with coconut gratings is a must. He doesn’t take any fried items. Among fish items, he likes Green chromide (Karimeen), Grey Mullet (Kanambu) and Flathead grey mullet (Thirutha) . He also likes small fishes and Kozhuva prepared using coconut paste. Yard long bean stir fry and Vegetable salad dressed with pepper powder are taken along with this.In the evening, he won’t take much food but often drinks black tea. In the night he eats wheat or oats dosa but he won’t eat more than three dosas.Along with dosa, he takes country (nadan) chicken curry without masala but added with coconut milk. If that is not available , chutney is enough for him. After that, he takes mushroom soup,” revealed the chef.

Amid the lockdown in 2020, Mammootty had also shared a post workout selfie of himself which  broke the internet and made netizens go gaga. Back then, his personal fitness trainer Vipin Xavier, as reported by OnManorama, said that the star ensures proper facility to train even on shooting sets. 

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The trainer revealed that the actor has a premium home gym and trains according to the requirement of the character of his upcoming film. Before the lockdown, the actor would started training at 7 am  but had pushed the timing to 11 am amid the lockdown during no shoot days. Focusing on weight training, his weekly module includes three-day weight training and three-day cardio workout.

Meanwhile, when Mammootty`s actor-son Dulquer Salmaan was asked about the family`s reaction to Mammootty`s viral fitness pic, he told The Quint, “Actually when he clicked that picture, he showed it to us and for a second we were like `OMG you look so good`. He is consistently training and has always been good about his fitness, gym and diet. My mom, wife, sister, all the family members were surprised how good he looked and we thought he should post it. But we didn`t know it would create a storm and everybody, across the industry reached out to him. It was great to see him being loved so much even for a picture and it was more like a film release.”