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India backs rights record ahead of UN review today | India News

NEW DELHI: Ahead of the examination of India’s human rights record by the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group for the fourth time on Thursday, the government said India plays an active role in global promotion and protection of human rights and remains constructively engaged with the UNHRC and other UN member-states on the issue.
Ina statement, the MEA said India has laid emphasis on dialogue, engagement and cooperation among various stakeholders. The Indian delegation at the review will be led by solicitor general Tushar Mehta and will comprise senior officials from the MEA and several other ministries. “We have underlined the primacy of states in fulfilling their human rights obligations.
We have endeavoured to build consensus in the council on various issues and we have participated in deliberations in a constructive manner,” it said.
The government also said UPR is an important mechanism India fully supports. “It has emerged as one of the successful human rights mechanisms, due to its universal character, consultative approach, and the importance it places on dialogue and cooperation,” said the government. India said it has actively participated in the review of other states and welcomed the 131 member-states who have registered to engage in India’s peer review.

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