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Football is prohibited! It extinguishes all-monotheism like intoxication. Criticism including huge cutouts

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The World Cup has started in Qatar. The truth is that every football fan is on the peak of excitement with this. Everyone takes this news very happily. But it is clear that star worship is anti-Islamic. This is now all the attention on social media. This destroys monotheism. It is said that huge cutouts are extravagant. It also destroys monotheism, which countries like Portugal support and believe is wrong. Huge cutouts are extravagant

This one statement gained attention while educating the believers in the Jumu’ah sermon. From the moment the World Cup started in Qatar, everyone was equally excited regardless of caste and creed. Everyone was very excited and surprised to come to the side of those waiting to make football history. Each of them was giving encouragement to each of their performances by clapping and shouting. Meanwhile, this kind of news is coming out now. Last day, Saudi won a historic victory by crushing Argentina.

It has received a lot of attention. Now people are paying attention to the new statement and now everyone is asking why this kind of comment is coming up. Everyone has an area they like. Some may be more interested in the entertainment sector. Others may have other characteristics. Some people ask that there is something to be confused between it and religion.

There are also comments that everyone’s preferences are not only a personal matter, and it is not bad to mix other things in between. Statements are being made now that it is something that is very against the Islamic religion and that it is an obstacle to monotheism. It can be understood through this one statement that no one should be given importance except God. It is also worth thinking that no matter how much you like stars, there are those who give them as much importance as God. Very few would have gone into such a blind pursuit.

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