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Expect more nutrients, less calories

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Best plant protein powders are relatively low on calorie and hence good for weight watchers.

In our fast-paced life, getting a fully nutritious food seems really a big challenge. Why? Well, we often have food in hurry or on the move. Often, home made food gets substituted by fast food and junk food. On many other occasions, we skip meals or simply don’t have the time to chew our food well. All this means that our bodies are not getting the adequate amount of nutrition they deserve. The result could be tiredness, low immunity and propensity to fall sick.

Then, there are those who are seriously health conscious and are heavily into gym and some form of rigorous exercise. In both the cases, there is a serious need for greater amount of protein in out diet – the former for health reasons and the latter, for bodybuilding or in pursuance of professional sports activity. One of the most common deficiencies has to do with less protein in our diet.

The good news is that there are any number of protein supplements available in the market which help us make for our nutrient deficiency (in this case protein). Within protein supplements too, plant-based supplements are fast gaining ground – the reason for their popularity is that they are they pack more nutrients into fewer calories.

We have curated a list which we think you will definitely find interesting. Take a look.

Fast&Up Vegan Plant Protein

This plant-based protein supplement contains a blend of protein isolate from Pea and Brown Rice. Each scoop contains as much as 34 g protein isolate. It also has BCAA (5.8 g) and Glutamine (5.5 g). This protein supplement is meant for muscle building, recovery and general well-being. This is a completely vegetarian product with vegan MCTs (kind of fats) and Beetroot extract, both meant to provide energy.

Origin Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder

This is a 100% natural vegan product; it is completely unflavoured and is a plant-based protein supplement. This product has been prepared from the blend of golden peas and cold-pressed organic pumpkin seeds, both sourced and imported from Europe. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein. It also contains a blend of digestive enzymes which help in better digestion. It is free of the following – gluten, dairy and soy.

HealthyHey Organic 100% Plant Protein Powder

This is a completely plant protein powder made from a blend of Raw Pea and Brown Rice protein isolate. This is also a 100% organic product. It is a 100% sugar- and lactose-free plant protein. This supplement is also an organic, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free and non-GMO whole food protein. The good news is that bulking up can now be done through a fully vegan process.

Cureveda PRO Super-3 Vegan Plant Protein Powder

This 100% vegetarian product comes in vanilla flavour and is meant for the following purposes – muscle growth, metabolism management and energy management. This supplement has been made by blending three super plant proteins – blue spirulina (meant for immunity, recovery and strength), a bunch of super berries (which as as natural detoxifiers and promote skin health) and super seeds (such as flax, moringa, sunflower seeds which are rich in Omega 3s, fibre and protein from better digestion).

Nourishment Needs Plant Based Protein

This is a vegan, high protein product, meant for muscle strength and weight management. This supplement can be consumed by all genders. It helps to keep the body fit, lean, in shape and maintain optimal body weight. Thanks to its Chocolate flavour, it is also a very tasty and has a rich creamy texture, making it difficult to resist. It also helps build and repair muscle and helps meet one’s daily protein intake needs.

Price of plant protein powders at a glance:

Product Price
Fast&Up Vegan Plant Protein 1,399
Origin Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder 2,699
HealthyHey Organic 100% Plant Protein Powder 675
Cureveda PRO Super-3 Vegan Plant Protein Powder 1,595
Nourishment Needs Plant Based Protein 1,999

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