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BTS’ Jin reveals he wore wig for Astronaut, says he looks like a ‘true nerd now’: ‘I have a nerdy charm…’

BTS’ Jin might be heading for his mandatory military service, but he won’t go without bringing joy to ARMY with his little ‘dad jokes’ and trademark humour. It’s a little less than a month for him to turn 30, but the vocalist has been keeping fans engaged with enough and more content, be it his solo Astronaut release, or his recent appearance on the Running Man variety show.

Recently, the behind-the-scenes sketch of the Astronaut photoshoot was released. In the new video, Jin mentions that he had epiglottitis  for days before singing, and playfully requests the crew to just admire his face and not make him sing. What turned out to be a bigger twist, was that Jin’s hairstyle that ARMY had been admiring throughout, was actually a wig. In the video, Jin reveals, “I’m wearing a wig. I have a nerdy charm, but this time, I’m a true nerd. In American series, you often see characters with this hairstyle and they have bright and mischievous personalities. That’s the concept I’m going for.”

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Jin is expected to enlist as early as this year itself, while the schedules for the rest of the members is still relatively undecided. The band is expected to reconvene as a team in 2025. Meanwhile, RM’s solo is expected to release in November, and there has been much discussion about Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook’s albums releasing by next year. The band also has a collaboration with Pharrell Williams, as RM had revealed in the Rolling Stones interview with the singer. On the other hand, V is expected to resume his acting activities, while working on his album.

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