BTS: J-Hope`s anonymous aid towards dog shelter surfaces on social media

BTS are not just a Korean musical sensation, they are a cultural reset to our generation. They stand for kindness, compassion and empathy through both their lyricism and their real-life actions. BTS are known to be massive animal lovers and have made several anonymous charitable donations of sizeable amounts in the past.

A recent viral blog post from South Korea has highlighted BTS` J-Hope`s silent contributions to a dog shelter. The post revealed that in 2022, after seeing the shelter`s plea for assistance, J-Hope`s mother reached out on his behalf. Before his intervention, the shelter had deteriorated, with exposed roofs and a damaged ground. Thanks to J-Hope`s continuous donations, it was entirely revamped with sturdier and more durable materials, providing a comfortable environment for the dogs and better facilities for the caretaker. While fulfilling his military service, J-Hope has remained supportive, even sending dog food to the shelter. When the owner sought permission from J-Hope`s mother to publicly acknowledge his generosity, she consented. Many fans were moved to discover that J-Hope had been aiding the shelter anonymously for a year.

J-Hope himself also has a pet dog named Mickey and it was a heartening and proud moment for BTS`s massive global fan base ARMY to learn about their idol`s anonymous generosity.

Despite enlisting in the military in April 2023, J-Hope has continued to release new content for ARMY in his absence. Apart from regular Weverse updates and cute photos from the military, J-Hope also released the physical version of his hit debut solo album, `Jack in the Box` – with the physical edition being titled `HOPE edition. It included three live tracks, which were recorded during J-Hope`s enthralling performances at Lollapalooza, as well as two instrumental tracks which showcased the sheer range of musicality of the album. As of August 27th, J-Hope`s “Jack in the Box” secured the sixth spot on Billboard`s `Board 200`.

The album climbed the charts following the release of the Hope Version on September 18th, achieving approximately 50,000 sales. Initially launched on July 15th, 2022, `Jack in the Box` was praised for its innovative approach, including its availability on Weverse, a platform where fans can access the album on both Korean and international music platforms. The album`s total sales have now exceeded 1 million copies, encompassing physical, Weverse, and vinyl editions.