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Beena is a mother again – husband Manoj shares the joy

Beena Antony and Manoj are stars who have many fans in the serial field. The truth is that there are many fans for the serials where the two come together. They are all active presence on social media. They have their own YouTube channel. Manoj mainly appears on the YouTube channel as Beena’s husband. The YouTube channel is called Manus Vision. Various topics of contemporary relevance are discussed in this channel. Beena started her acting career from movies. Then comes to serial.

Doordarshan started active in the miniscreen field through serials. Later she acted in many serials like Indulekha, Ladies Hostel, Thotamal, Stri, Jwalayai, Nirakoot etc. Manoj is also a good dubbing artist. Both are active presence in the serial. Now they have announced a new feature of their family. This video has been shared with the caption ‘Beena is a mother again’.

The video was shot while sitting in a car. Apart from Manoj and Beena, the video also features Tasnikhan. Manoj and Beena also say in the video that they are going for Jeethu’s wedding who is acting in Maunarag. But when the video starts, it is known that Beena is not pregnant again as the audience thinks and that she is going to act as a mother in Mazhavil Manorama’s new serial Avani.

Manoj says that Beena Antony is playing the role of a mother in this serial. Veena will play Rohini, Avni’s mother. The actress also plays the role of a mother of three sons. It is also revealed that we have come as a promo video for this, which is a very good role. We have only one son. But Manoj says that God has given them many children in the serial. The actor also says that it was through his own serial Janaki that he was very sad because there was no girl. Both are active in social media. Every single feature goes viral very quickly.

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