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Assam madrassas under ‘jihadi’ watch | India News

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GUWAHATI: Around 2,500 private madrassas in Assam will henceforth need to get any potential recruit for a teaching job from outside the state verified by the police as part of a government-monitored mechanism to prevent “jihadi elements” from slipping through.
The trigger for the move, which comes on the back of the BJP-led government converting all state-run madrassas into general schools, was apparently the arrest of at least 10 alleged jihadis found to be operating under the garb of teaching theology. A suspected Bangladesh national is among them.
Private madrassa boards said they were aligned with the government and would comply with the regulations as long as the administration’s initiative didn’t disrupt their functioning. “Our appeal to the government is to allow us to continue with ourtheological study system of the madrassas,” said Abdul Qader Qashimi, general secretary of the All Assam Tanzim Madaris Qaumiya, headed by MP Badruddin Ajmal.
DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, state secondary education director Mamta Hojai and representatives of five private madrassa boards met on Wednesday to flesh out the new rules, including the stipulation that no two madrassas can operate within a radius of less than 3km. Madrassas are also required to have a minimum enrolment of 100 students each. The boards have until December 1 to upload the details of all affiliated madrassas on the relevant government portal, including information about the land on which they stand.
The police have arrested 84 people since 2016 for alleged jihadi activities, of whom 10 have been found to have links with madrassas.

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