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Amir Khan celebrated his daughter’s engagement by keeping his girlfriends and wives together!

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Aamir Khan is a shining star without substitute in the world of Bollywood cinema. Ameer Khan’s life news is often discussed on social media. Ameer Khan’s personal life is often in the news. The news that a new guest is coming to Ameer Khan’s family has been doing the rounds on social media for some time now. Ameer Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is getting ready to get married. Been in love for the past few years. The pictures of the private moments with the lover had also come out. This has received a lot of criticism.

The news of getting engaged was newly released. Now these pictures and videos have been taken over by the entire social media. Ira Khan is the daughter of Amir Khan who was born in Reenam after his first marriage. It must be said that Ira Khan is a star daughter who has many fans in Bollywood, even though she has not made her film debut. The truth is that the star’s support on social media is also huge. Thousands of people are coming to support the star on social media. But the actor’s life has often become a topic of discussion. Night parties with boyfriends and friends often have a bad image.

But now the actor has come to the decision of marriage. It was two months ago that the pictures of him publicly came out. Later, the two were asked if they were going to get married. Even though they kept quiet all that time, the marriage was fixed as a big surprise to everyone. Many people including father Ameer Khan, step mother Kiran Rao and brother Azad came to participate in this one function. Friends and close relatives were also present at the ceremony. Now there is an interesting thing that people are noticing. An interesting thing about this is that actress Fatima Sanak, who made headlines as Aamir’s girlfriend, also came to attend the wedding.

Some people are saying some very interesting comments with this. People also say that wife and girlfriend have reached the same place. Along with him, he had his first wife Reena and his second wife Kiran. But it was his girlfriend Fatima who wore a white dress that resembled Aamir. That was the focus. First wife Reena wore a white and yellow saree. The arrival of second wife Kiran is also very simple. But Fatima is the only one who has come close to Aamir. And it got a lot of attention.

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