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Aloe Vera for hair provides relief from itchy scalp, conditions hair as well

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It may come as a surprise to many – Aloe Vera packs in many benefits for the hair as well. In recent years, we have heard of its many benefits of skin – it is said to soothe it, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and swelling, it supports production and release of collagen and it has the ability to speed up wound healing time. Just how many of us knew that it is really good for our hair as well? Not many, we are sure.

Truth is regular use of Aloe Vera can result in smooth, silky and strong hair. It is rich in a number of active ingredients and minerals that boost healthy hair follicles. Those of us who are troubled with greasy hair can find relief by using Aloe Vera gel as it controls and removes sebum (oil) from hair. Finally, those of us struggling with itchy scalp can also get help using it.

The good news is that Aloe Vera is now available in rather user-friendly ways. On Amazon, one is likely to find any number of bottles and packs of Aloe Vera. We have curated a list which you ought to definitely check out. See here.

Mamaearth Aloe Vera Gel For Face, Skin and Hair

This gel has Aloe Vera extracts, known for their ability to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin and hair. As far as the hair goes, it strengthens hair from the roots and helps reduce frizz by providing moisture to hair. In addition, this gel also contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and protects hair from damage. This Mamaearth gel also contains glycerin, humectant that attracts moisture to keep hair hydrated.

WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Beauty Gel for Skin and Hair

Aloe Vera has been part of Ayurvedic medicines for centuries. We have all read and heard about the benefits for skin. The good news is it works wonders for hair as well – it helps soften it. reduces dryness, keeps dandruff in control, reduces irritation caused by an itchy scalp. It also heals bacterial and fungal infections. While one can use this as a conditioner after bath, but in an ideal situation, one should apply it and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next day.

Organic Harvest Aloe Vera Gel With Organic Glycerin For Face and Hair

This gel comes enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera as well as glycerin, both of which work well for hair as well as skin. Among its many benefits for hair, it is known to fight scalp issues. It also has amazing moisture-locking properties. In doing so it provides ample hydration to hair. The presence of organic glycerin helps in conditioning the hair as well.

KAZIMA Aloe Vera Gel Raw – Ideal for Skin, Face And Hair

The makers claim that this gel has Aloe Vera in its most raw and natural form. While the benefits of Aloe Vera for skin has been known for a while now, not many knew how it help hair. This particular brand of Aloe Vera gel is very useful in dealing with dandruff issue. The makers claim sustained use of it can see a significant reduction of dandruff. It does so by combating dry scalp. One can use it as a conditioner; take about 3-5 drops, apply on scalp and hair and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Plum Hello Aloe Just Gel For All Skin & Hair Types

Like all Aloe Vera gels, this one too packs in many benefits for skin and hair. Among its most standout features with regard to hair is its ability to condition the hair. So, throw away your normal conditioner and replace it with this one. This can pretty much be your go-to conditioner after shampooing your hair. What’s more is that one can also use it as a setting gel for one’s hair.

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