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A brutal attack on the constable who saved two lives

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The Ingiriya police say that the constable who prevented the fatal blow to the mother who was carrying her 11-month-old child was brutally attacked and bitten by the woman’s husband, mother and sister.

Mr. Wasantha Gamini, attached police constable 96284 to Ingiriya Police, who was seriously injured, has been admitted to Ingiriya Hospital.

The woman was also injured and admitted to Ingiriya Hospital.

The man and a 60-year-old woman have been arrested in connection with the incident, while a twenty-five-year-old girl has fled.

On the night of the 23rd, a woman resident of Ingiriya Jan Udawa area took a small child, claiming that her husband had beaten her.
The police say that this incident happened when they went to check the spot regarding a complaint that had been made to the police.

Police say that the woman who was beaten by her husband had spent the night in another house and came in front of the house in a three-wheeler while the police officer searched the house and prepared for the spot investigation.

When she told the police officer about the previous day’s incident, the suspect stormed into the place with a pickaxe and assaulted the woman with it. The police officer who immediately intervened reached out and managed to slow down the speed of the pickaxe attack. .

The constable told the mother to run away from the place with a lot of effort to prevent the suspect from snatching the child she was holding and throwing it on the ground.

In the middle of the commotion, the constable, who had hidden the mobile phone in the security helmet, had also taken steps to inform the Ingiriya Police Station Commander about this.

When attacking the constable with a hoe, the police say that the constable’s life was saved by the fact that only the back of the hoe hit the outside area.

When the constable, who stood up after being hit, tried to take the hoe that the suspect was holding, there was a fight with the two again and the suspect bit the constable who was on the ground and tried to run away. Police say that the suspect’s mother and sister came to the spot and tried to take our one away, while the suspect’s mother was squeezing the constable’s neck and the sister had bitten his hand.

As soon as the police jeep reached the spot, the suspect and his sister tried to escape
The police say that the suspect and his mother were arrested after an effort and the girl had run away.

The suspect and the elderly woman are to be produced before the Horana Magistrate’s Court.

On the instructions of Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of Panadura Division Samantha Vedage, Assistant Superintendent of Police Udaya Kumara, Acting Station Commander of Ingiriya Police, Chief Inspector Alapatha Gay Nandasena, Station Commander of Crime Division, Sub-Inspector Padukka are conducting investigations.

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